Fully built-in hood Minola HBI 5322 WH 750 LED

Fully built-in hood Minola HBI 5322 WH 750 LED



Fully built-in hood, power: 750 m3 / h. Width: 520 mm, color - white. Management mechanical push-button. 3 speeds. Lighting: LED 2x1.5 watts. Aluminum filter. Operating modes: Exhaust / recycling. Noise level: 47-55 dB

Main characteristics

Minola HBI 5322 750 LED fully recessed cooker hood is equipped with one 120 W motor. The maximum productivity of the appliance in the air extraction mode is 750 m³ / hour, which effectively removes vapors, unwanted odors and soot generated during cooking.

This hood can operate in two modes:

1) Air extraction mode.

2) Recirculation mode.

Aluminum filter

The Minola HBI 5322 750 LED cooker hood is equipped with one protective aluminum grease filter. The hood filter is made of several layers of aluminum mesh, which provides reliable protection of the engine and other parts of the device from grease and dirt. The aluminum filter should be cleaned every 2-3 months by hand in soapy water or in a dishwasher. When washed in a dishwasher, the filter may discolor a little, but its filtering performance remains absolutely unchanged.

Appliance design

The control panel, on which the buttons for switching speeds are located, as well as for turning on the lighting of the device, is mechanical and is located on the front lower part of the device. It consists of five buttons responsible for switching speeds and turning on the lights.


The fully recessed kitchen hood Minola HBI 5322 750 LED is equipped with two round LED lamps, 1.5 W each. LED lamps provide comfortable additional lighting for your kitchen surface, while being the most economical light source.

Cooker hood speeds

The Minola HBI 5322 750 LED hood has 3 operating speeds, the choice of which affects the performance of the device. The first speed of the hood is used at a low evaporation rate, the noise level of the device is 59 dB, which is considered a comfortable value in the daytime. The third operating speed is used when there is a high concentration of vapors that are generated during cooking.

Data sheet

Type of hood
Fully built-in
Type control
Mechanical push button
Width, cm
Type of installation
Maximum performance, m³/h (with free air outlet)

Maximum performance

(with free air outlet) - the indicator is calculated without taking into account the connection of the device to the duct, the length / material / diameter of the duct and in the absence of corrugation and box.

Capacity at IEC point, m3/h


(under typical operating conditions) - the indicator is measured when connected to a hood (with filter and adapter flange) with an air duct of about 2 meters with two bends at 90 degrees, which simulates the real working conditions of the hood, plus creating a resistance of 15 Pa to determine minimum efficiency.

Number of motors
Motor power, W
Number of speeds
Operation mode
Exhaust / recycling
Noise level, dB
2x1.5 W LED
Filter type
Network voltage, AT
Network frequency, Hz
Hood. Mounting kit. Warranty card. Instruction Vent valve. power card. microfiche
Producing country
Dimensions without packaging (WxHxD), cm
Dimensions in the package (WxHxD), cm
Net weight, kg
Gross weight, kg
Warranty, month
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