The international project of scientific, technical and design development is named after a unique pearl, the drop form MINOLA.

According to an ancient Greek legend, to bring MINOLA home meant providing the family with prosperity and continued good luck.



Smart. Simple. Easy


Reflecting this symbolism in the results of its activities, a team of professional designers, technologists and engineers united under the MINOLA brand.

Already today, their joint ideas are embodied in products with a special modern Smart philosophy. Simple Easy.



World trend of lifestyle


The justified functionality of each product in any assortment group is the core benefit of MINOLA.

All the world experience of production activities, consumer reviews and requirements for functionality were put at the service of finding a balance: Quality / Accessible / Simple and convenient.



Atlanta well-being


The values ​​that each MINOLA model corresponds to:

Smart is a smart solution to a household problem with a minimum budget.

Simple - a simple set of clear features.

Easy - ease and durability in operation.


MINOLA is not just products. This is a new world trend of lifestyle - an investment in justified functionality.



MIX benefits


Justified - you invest only in solving the necessary tasks. Do not overpay for extra options that entail additional costs.

Functionally - the complete set of each model solves the main spectrum of everyday tasks. Effectively and efficiently.

Stylish - the design of a model range is developed taking into account easy compatibility with any interior decision.

Modern - the whole world today lives according to the Smart trend. Simple Easy saving your well-being.

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