For all built-in appliances and kitchen hoods, TM Minola is guaranteed for 12 months.

All Minola TM granite kitchen sinks are guaranteed for 36 months, for all stainless steel sinks - 12 months.


Warranty obligations are subject to the provision of a manufacturer’s warranty card with correctly filled in data:

- name and address of the trade organization;

- Date of sale;

- signature and seal of the seller;

- installation data;


Warranty service may be refused in the following cases:

- if the product was damaged as a result of intentional actions or through carelessness, as well as in the event of accidents and natural disasters;

- if the product has traces of third-party intervention or there was an attempt at self-repair;

- if the changes in the design are not consistent with the declared manufacturer;

- due to normal wear and tear of the product;

- mechanical damage to the product as a result of improper installation or improper transportation;

- if the product was operated with a kit not provided by the manufacturer;

- if the product was operated not on purpose and not in compliance with the recommendations for use (for example, commercial use).


If you have any questions regarding the operation and maintenance of TM Minola products you are interested in, please call the technical support numbers:

38 (073) 217 ​​7777, 0 800 21 7777 or by e-mail having filled the form of the electronic application.

You can read the frequently asked questions in the KNOWLEDGE BASE.


Working hours:

Mondays – Fridays — 9:00 - 18:00

Saturdays – Sundays — day off

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